About us

Everything is complicated but your body care shouldn't be! Welcome to Skinthirst and get your dose of Uncomplicated, Fragrant, and Enjoyable body care.

We are here to celebrate the simplicity of good body care, without compromising on the ingredients that matter. We've bottled magic with premium, powerhouse ingredients like shea butter and hyaluronic acid to give you hydrated, moisturized, nourished skin.

At Skinthirst, we believe in crafting an experience - a sensorial experience! We have redefined a mundane routine into a fragrant fiesta. Our fragrance-infused body care is not your average skincare, it's a symphony of scents that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression.

Our products are a treat, not just for your skin but also for your senses. Just open the lid, and take a deep sniff & you’ll know what we are talking about!


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to simplify body care for everyone. We want to make body care one less complication in our busy lives, we want it to be simple, easy yet nourishing for everyone - a space where everyone enjoys their time - while indulging in some self-care. 


Why Skinthirst?

We are here to just simplify skincare and make it enjoyable, fun, and not a chore. We want everyone to enjoy body care, we want that when they open a package from us they know it's going to smell amazing and feel equally ecstatic on their skin.