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Watermelon Sherbet Body Polishing Scrub

Watermelon Sherbet Body Polishing Scrub

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Experience the transformative power of a skin-indulging body scrub. This gentle scrub effectively exfoliates, reduces stretch marks, and polishes your skin. With all-season care and an irresistible aroma, take a dip in a rejuvenating body care ritual that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smelling oh-so-amazing!

Packed With High-Performing Ingredients

  • Natural AHAs: Exfoliate the skin.
  • Rosehip and Sweet Almond Oil: Reduce stretch marks.
  • Watermelon Seed Oil: Removes impurities, dirt and dead skin.
  • Matcha: Fights free radicals and deeply nourishes.

Fresh, juicy and sweet watermelon with hints of muskmelon, lily of the valley and marine aqua notes.

On wet skin, apply Watermelon Sherbet Exfoliating Body Polish. Massage it on your skin in small circular motions. Scrub gently and rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow with an application of our All Season Body Cream.

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Product FAQs

What are the benefits of Watermelon Sherbet Exfoliating Body Polish?

Watermelon Sherbet Exfoliating Body Polish gently exfoliates the skin and reduces stretch marks & cellulite giving your skin a polished smooth effect. Natural AHAs exfoliate the skin. Rosehip and Sweet Almond Oil work together to reduce stretch marks. Watermelon Seed Oil removes impurities, dirt, and dead skin. Matcha, a rich antioxidant, fights free radicals and deeply nourishes.

What is the difference between face & body scrub? Can I use Watermelon Sherbet on my face?

The skin of the face is more gentler than the body, the scrubs made for the face are often milder and gentler than the ones made for the body. Hence we recommend using our body scrub on the body only. Our exfoliating body polish will scrub off dead skin and dirt from the skin's pores and give your skin a cleansed, polished effect. This body polish will also reduce stretch marks and cellulite to provide a smoother feel.

How many times do I scrub in a week?

It is recommended to use the body scrub twice or thrice a week for best results. Consistent use of the body polish scrub will result in healthy, smooth skin with reduced stretch marks and cellulite. Additionally, you can also scrub your skin if you feel dust or dirt accumulating on the surface of your skin after a physical outdoor activity. After scrubbing it is advisable to moisturize the skin for proper nourishment, we recommend using our all-season body creams.

Does the scrub dry out the skin?

No, our Watermelon Body Polish Scrub will not dry out the skin instead it will make your skin smooth and soft. It has Sweet Almond Oil for hydration and moisturization. The presence of a buttery base makes it quite nourishing.

Which skin type is it suitable for?

Watermelon Sherbet Exfoliating Body Polish is a gentle exfoliator made with skin-loving ingredients that makes it suitable for all skin types. It is a gender-neutral product and can be used by both men and women in all seasons.